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छो (Krikalev)
[[Image:Krikalev200px-Glushko nasaValentin Petrovich.jpg|left|150px|Valentin Glushko]]
'''Sergei Konstantinovich Krikalev''' (Сергей Константинович Крикалёв, born [[August 27]] [[1958]]) is a [[Russia]]n [[cosmonaut]] and veteran of six space flights. He has been dubbed by many “the last [[Soviet Union|Soviet]] Citizen” as in 1991–1992 he spent 311 days, 20 hours and 1 minute aboard the [[Mir]] space station whilst back on Earth the [[Soviet Union]] collapsed.
'''[[Valentin Glushko]]''' ({{lang-uk|Валентин Петрович Глушко}}; {{lang-ru|Валентин Петрович Глушко}}) (born [[September 2]], [[1908]]; died [[January 10]], [[1989]]) was a [[Soviet Union|Soviet]] engineer of [[Ukraine|Ukrainian]] descent, and one of the three principal Soviet "Chief Designers" of spacecraft and rockets during the Soviet/American [[Space Race]]. Engines of his [[RD-107]] design were used to launch the first artificial satellite, [[Sputnik 1]]. Another of his designs was the powerful [[RD-170]] liquid-propellant engine, modern variants of which are currently used [[Zenit rocket]] and [[Atlas V]], and another variant is planned for the [[Angara rocket]] currently under development.
Krikalev was born in [[Leningrad]] (now [[Saint Petersburg|St. Petersburg]]), [[Russia]]. He is married to Yelena Yuryevna Terekhina and has one daughter, Olga Sergeevna Krikaleva, born in 1990. Sergei enjoys swimming, skiing, cycling, aerobatic flying, and [[amateur radio]] operations, particularly from space (callsigns U5MIR and X75M1K).
He overtook [[Sergei Avdeyev]]'s previous record for the career total time spent in space (747.59 days) during [[Expedition 11]] to the [[International Space Station]]. Krikalev has logged a total 803 days and 9 hours and 39 minutes in space.
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