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Libris Computing - not related to the Swedish library catalogue
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(Libris Computing - not related to the Swedish library catalogue)
'''LIBRIS''' is a [[Sweden|Swedish]] national system of libraries organized from the [[Swedish Royal Library]] in [[Stockholm]]. You can freely search among 5 million titles nationwide.
LiBRiS Computing was a company based in Berwick Upon Tweed, from 1993 to 1998. While it had other projects (Linden House), it concentrated mainly on search engines and producing software for public libraries in the UK. The library applications were Opac/Unity and CI aka EPIC. Updates to customers OPAC systems came in a variety of forms 1) floppy disk, 2) network. Updates to Unity systems were initially DAT tapes, later on replaced with multi-disk CDR disks. Library data has two standards - UKMARC and USMARC. Libris developed MARC tools for use inhouse and some MARC tools for use by the British Library.
In 1998 Libris went bust and the company's projects were split between ex-Libris people living in Berwick (data services) and ex-Libris people working in Birmingham (Opac updates, Unity updates) for BLCMP Ltd (aka Talis).
==External links==
*[http://libris.kb.se/index.jsp?language=en LIBRIS] English version of the site
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