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=== Making more than one category change ===
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[[File:HotCat save button.png|thumb|In multi-change mode, category changes are saved only when the "save" button is clicked.]]
==Advanced usage tips==
===Avoid auto saving===
Normally HotCat automatically saves your edit. However sometimes you might wish to go to the edit box instead to verify and then execute the save yourself. Instead of clicking OK, click OK while you have the modifier key pressed. On Windows computers this is the [[Control key|ctrl-key]], on Apple computers it should be the [[Command key|command-key]].
=== Sort keys ===
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You can even give a sort key together with the category. Just write after the category name a vertical bar ("|"), followed by the sort key under which the page shall be sorted within that category's list.
===Easy categorizing to child or parent categories===
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Users who do a lot of category maintenance might want to enable the quick access links for categorizing to child or parent categories. To enable this add the following to [[Special:MyPage/skin.js|your javascript page]]:
<div style="margin-left:3em;">
=== Search engines ===
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Between the suggestion list and the text input field, there is a search engine selector to select the search method which populates the suggestion list. HotCat support any number of search engines.
===User configuration===
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You can adapt many of the aspects of HotCat. Please see its full [[:commons:Help:Gadget-HotCat|documentation page on Wikimedia Commons]].
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HotCat was initially developed for [[Wikimedia Commons]] by [[:commons:User:Magnus Manske|Magnus Manske]] and later adapted and improved by many users, including, but not limited to [[User:Lupo]], [[User:Dschwen]], [[User:TheDJ]], [[User:Superm401]] and [[User:Merlissimo]].
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*Safari 3 & 4: Tested and fully working
*Safari 2: Has a non-harmful issue with displaying the "change" (±) link.
== Userbox ==
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