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* ''φ'' – आरम्भिक कला
== बाहरी कड़ियाँ ==
*[http://www.kwantlen.ca/science/physics/faculty/mcoombes/P2421_Notes/Phasors/doublesine.gif Relationship of phase difference and time-delay]
*[http://www.sengpielaudio.com/calculator-timedelayphase.htm Phase angle, phase difference, time delay, and frequency]
*[http://www.tedpavlic.com/teaching/osu/ece209/lab3_opamp_FO/lab3_opamp_FO_phase_shift.pdf ECE 209: Sources of Phase Shift] — Discusses the time-domain sources of phase shift in simple linear time-invariant circuits.
* [http://phy.hk/wiki/englishhtm/phase.htm Phase Difference] Java Applet
{{उत्तम लेख}}
[[श्रेणी:उत्तम लेख]]
{{उत्तम लेख}}
[[ar:طور موجة]]
[[tr:Faz (dalga)]]
[[uk:Фаза (коливання)]]
[[ur:طور موج]]
[[vi:Pha sóng]]

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