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Created by User:Magicalsaumy. Please discuss with me before changing.

I'd hope more people put in their ideas as soon as possible before these guidelines are implemented throughout. In future if a single person's recommendations are in widespread use but don't have the community doesn't have consensus with them a lot of changes might need to be made. To this effect I've expressed my views about points 6 and 14 at en:User talk:Magicalsaumy##Recommendations for hi: and Magicalsaumy has responded at en:User talk:Paddu#Hindi recommendations. -- पद्दू २२:३२, १० जून २००६ (UTC)

I disagree on point 6. The idea of using खड़ी बोली or बोल-चाल की भाषा for Hindi Wiki in un-encyclopedic. The advocacy of this mixed-language writing is most often put forth by those who have studied in English medium schools and are thus uncomfortable with more refined Hindi since their dominant use is conversational rather than written. This, however is the equivalent of writing the English encylopedia in slang or a spoken vernacular, rather than as scholarly writing, albeit in an easy to understand usage.

One would be hard-pressed to argue that using वजह rather than कारण or ख़ास rather than विशेष improves readability. A language can always borrow words. However, writing a version of Hindi with too many loan words, whether from English or Persian, especially when ready equivlents are available, will simply destroy the language. It would, of course, be appropriate in an Urdu Wiki to use वजह or ख़ास instead. Again, where suitable equivalents are not so readily available, such as in ट्रेन (for locomotive "train"), using the common word is clearly appropriate.

-- २२:१४, २१ अगस्त २००६ (UTC)

/z/ ज़[संपादित करें]

I am not sure about the स़. From what I've seen, this is not used in the Hindi media. Also, according to Teach Yourself Beginners' Hind (Rupert Snell), ज़ sounds as /z/ in zip (ज़िप). An average Hindi person will (probably) not be able to recognise this letter, while most Hindi people will understand ज़.

Please give your thoughts.

--Wolf १०:५८, १६ दिसम्बर २००६ (UTC)

Wrong placement of "ि "[संपादित करें]

I see that most words including "विकिपीडिया" have the ि in the wrong place. I dont understand why it is so. Is there any practical issue in typing "िविकपीिडया" instead of "विकिपीडिया", that I am not aware of? The only issue I can think of is that when actaully writing the devanagri script, one usually thinks about placing the "matra" after writing the consonant, but here one needs to type it before typing the consonant. This is a trivial issue though.

Personally for me, this spoils the entire Hindi wikipedia experience. I would love to see the words spelt correctly.