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Initial discussion with coordinators[संपादित करें]

I am very happy for the Hindi community's warm welcome to "The Wikipedia Library" program. @Swapnil.Karambelkar और Shypoetess: I am pinging both of you as you have approached to be the coordinators for TWL's Hindi branch. Unitl the branch has been completely established, you'll need to work for 2–3 hours a week, for at least two months consistently. Please reconfirm your willingness before we go ahead. Krishna Chaitanya Velaga (वार्ता) 08:21, 8 फ़रवरी 2018 (UTC)

Surely I can spare 2-3 hrs a week.we can go ahead.स्वप्निल करंबेलकर | Swapnil Karambelkar (वार्ता) 13:08, 8 फ़रवरी 2018 (UTC)
Hi @Krishna Chaitanya Velaga:, Thanks for considering me for being a coordinator on this project. I can easily spare 2-3 hours a week for this. Would love to be a part of the project. When do we begin? -- Shypoetess (वार्ता) 06:20, 9 फ़रवरी 2018 (UTC)
@Swapnil.Karambelkar और Shypoetess: Thanks for your support. As you've already completed the community consultation, you can set-up the local branch in three simple steps. The first step is explore the existing models, followed by setting up of required pages, and finally creating awareness (outreach & training) & running the branch. For your convenience, I am listing some famous programs that can be considered:
  • Reference Desk (Research & Resource exchange)
  • Access to online resources
  • Book purchases
  • Digitization of books
  • Partnerships with institutions for resource donation/access
Please choose the programs that are most required for your community and are relevant (for example, some communities may not required access to journals, but will need a reference desk). As always said, please start simple with 2–3 programs, and you can always include a new program along. This is suggested to reduce the stress on coordinators, and to make sure they have enough time to spare on existing models. If you wish to explore more, you may at m:Template:TWL global. Please explore the models until the end of next week, consult the editors from your community, and know what they need. Looking forward to hear from you. Krishna Chaitanya Velaga (वार्ता) 14:42, 9 फ़रवरी 2018 (UTC)
@Shypoetess और Swapnil.Karambelkar: Pinging for updates. --Krishna Chaitanya Velaga (वार्ता) 00:33, 23 फ़रवरी 2018 (UTC)
Hello @Krishna Chaitanya Velaga:, as I'd discussed with you earlier I would be able to coordinate the Access to Online Resources. As many community members are working on topics related to Science and technology and history the accessibility of online resources would be of great help.-- Shypoetess (वार्ता) 06:43, 23 फ़रवरी 2018 (UTC)
@Swapnil.Karambelkar: Looking forward to hear from you. Krishna Chaitanya Velaga (वार्ता) 00:26, 5 मार्च 2018 (UTC)
certainly we can move forward with the proposal and I am ready to cooperate with my fullest potential.स्वप्निल करंबेलकर | Swapnil Karambelkar (वार्ता) 06:20, 5 मार्च 2018 (UTC)

@Shypoetess और Swapnil.Karambelkar: Hi, as Aaron instructed, the step by step guide to set up pages is at this guide on Meta-Wiki, please let me know the status i.e. which pages were already set-up, and which are still to be. Krishna Chaitanya Velaga (वार्ता) 05:15, 29 अप्रैल 2018 (UTC)

Hello @Krishna Chaitanya Velaga:, here are the updates. The following pages have been set-up:
  • about TWL
  • journal access
  • source sharing
  • help in coordination

The pages which are yet to be set up (already underway) are:

  • Open Access
  • Reference Desk

These too shall be done soon. Shypoetess (वार्ता) 15:20, 2 मई 2018 (UTC)

Set up complete[संपादित करें]

Hello @Krishna Chaitanya Velaga:, The following pages have been set-up:

  • about TWL
  • journal access
  • source sharing
  • Open Access
  • Reference Desk
  • help in coordination

Please go through the pages and let me know if these are enough for us to move to the third step i.e. creating awareness (outreach & training) & running the branch or something is still amiss. Shypoetess (वार्ता) 18:49, 8 मई 2018 (UTC)

@Shypoetess: The page look wonderful. Looks like we're almost there. Before we proceed I'm pinging @Anamdas: to check the translations, and suggest any improvements. --Krishna Chaitanya Velaga (वार्ता) 08:23, 13 मई 2018 (UTC)
@Krishna Chaitanya Velaga: Sure. Keep me informed. Shypoetess (वार्ता) 13:12, 13 मई 2018 (UTC)

Good Job[संपादित करें]

Well done and great Job. I run similar project on Gujarati Wikipedia. I have an access to large number of libraries and resources in Hindi too. I have also an access to Oxford University Press, Questia Online Library and Project MUSE through Wikipedia:The Wikipedia Library। If you need any help from me, you cam ping me on project page. I can provide scanned pages of books in English and Hindi related to Hindi literature, history and other educational topics through my local libraries. Cheers. --Gazal world (वार्ता) 15:18, 24 मई 2018 (UTC)

Hello @Gazal world: First of all, I'm sorry for such a late reply. Was busy sorting the resources at hand so that I could move forward with a clear idea of what we have and what we don't. Now, A big thank you for appreciating the effort and more than that for extending a helping hand. I'd love to add any resources that you can provide. I look forward to working together to make TWL-Hindi Branch a success. -- Shypoetess (वार्ता) 07:47, 4 जुलाई 2018 (UTC)
@Shypoetess: Hello, Its OK. Currently I have six volumes of 'Encyclopedia of Indian Literature' (in English), which contains extensive details about Indian writers, book and other topics related to Indian literature. I will be happy to send requested details from these volumes to the editors. I can also obtain a list of useful books (in Hindi) from my local libraries. Gazal world (वार्ता) 18:53, 4 जुलाई 2018 (UTC)
I have also subscribed Delhi Sahitya Akademi's two journal, Indian Literature (in English) and Samkaleen Bharatiya Sahitya (in Hindi). So, if these two journal is helpful to Hindi Wikipedia, I will be happy to provide an index of each issue to you. --Gazal world (वार्ता) 07:24, 5 जुलाई 2018 (UTC)