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Hindi word[संपादित करें]

There was a discussion in the archives of the विकिपीडिया:चौपाल about finding a better word for stub, that meant something in Hindi. It was also discussed to merge stub and substub, I I can handle all of those, but I'd rather come to a decision on a better word for stub first. Some of the suggestions were "पौधा", "बीज", "अपरिपक्व", "प्रारंभिक", "आरंभिक", "आधार". The goal would be to pick the most recognizable word, that gets accross the idea of improving. Part of that is taken care of by the wording of the stub template, so the word isn't critical. Lets just pick something. विकिपीडिया:आधार and

sounds good to me. - Taxman १५:३५, ७ फरवरी २००७ (UTC)

The Bengali Wikipedia has chosen অসম্পূর্ণ নিবন্ধ, which transliterates to असम्पूर्ण निबन्ध. Is असम्पूर्ण a good word? But I also think that आधार is a good word. According to shabdkosh.com it means base, and that is exactly the word we need. Also, English and Bengali Wikipedias have put down "substub". I think that we should also do this; and redirect Template:सबस्टब to Template:स्टब --वुल्फ़वार्ता १६:३५, ७ फरवरी २००७ (UTC)
असम्पूर्ण probably gets the point accross, but perhaps it's a fancier word. Since it seems about right, I'll probably go with आधार unless someone has a better option they feel strongly about. Instead of redirecting substub, I'll go replace all uses of it once we pick the replacement for स्टब. - Taxman ००:१०, ८ फरवरी २००७ (UTC)
The point of Stub is that its a small word. In the hindi wiki its more convenient to use stub than a hindi word that is long and cumbersome to type. Substub is useless and should be deleted, but I dont see a point to substitute a long word for a succinct word. One borrowed word is not going to bring down a thousand years of hindi tradition.राजा रामबात करो ०१:४९, ८ फरवरी २००७ (UTC)
Of course it's not, but I still think there's no need to use an English word when there's a perfectly good Hindi one that gets the point across and आधार is the same number of characters to type as स्टब is (four). Even if you don't count the virama, both are short. - Taxman ०४:०६, ८ फरवरी २००७ (UTC)
Ok ill move templates and etc to new name.राजा रामबात करो ०१:५१, ९ फरवरी २००७ (UTC)