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some broad suggestions[संपादित करें]

  • add a link to top of hindi wikipedia main page (infact every page on hindi wikipedia) that says - would you like to contribute? look at top of marathi wikipedia - they do this, so every user that visits the page learns how to (read and) write and contribute. and make TWO (one in english, one in hindi) very detailed FAQ pages for this, including information for users with all operating systems, browsers and relevant translation softwares
  • add a mini help section that tells people
  • as is done, copy from english onto pages and leave for someone to translate if possible and give guidelines for this too
  • main editors should set up templates and categories so that smaller users can expand on stubs quickly, ideally they should get this information from english wikipedia main editors on how to structure such a process.

for example i use keyboard input from mac, some information about it on my english wikipedia userpage

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