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Unfortunately LiquidThreads is under major reconstruction an WMF has decided not to install it on any other wiki. Now I have picked some other extensions. Please comment on them.

Extension:Chat[संपादित करें]

Chat adds a Chat tab to every wiki Article that switches to an embedded chatroom with the same name as the article title. It can be configured to have only one chatroom for the entire site, rather than one chatroom per article (the default). This extension uses PhpFreeChat.

WikiChat.org has a demo, you are welcome to contribute.

Usage[संपादित करें]

Once the extension is installed, a 'chat' tab will appear on every article. Clicking on the chat tab will switch to an embedded chatroom for the article.

Extension:NewUserMessage[संपादित करें]

Usually after a new user registers on a MediaWiki, the message in MediaWiki:Welcomecreation is displayed. This extensions allows a message in a specified template to be added into the new users talk page instead. In short, this extension automatically welcomes a new user, which lessen the pressure on active users.

Batch Delete[संपादित करें]

DeleteBatch extension adds a special page, Special:DeleteBatch, where users with the 'deletebatch' right can delete multiple pages easily. The user can delete pages either through the form or by uploading a text file containing the names (and optional delete reasons) of the deletable pages.

Extension:FCKeditor (Official)[संपादित करें]

FCKeditor extension enables a more intuitive "what you see is what you get" (WYSIWYG) editor when editing pages on a MediaWiki-based site. It uses a special version of the FCKeditor, a WYSIWYG editor that outputs wiki text rather than the usual HTML that caused problems for MediaWiki integrations in the past. This allows new users who do not have knowledge of WikiLanguage to edit Wikipedia.

Extension:ShortUrl[संपादित करें]

SpecialUrl is a special page extension that helps create shortened URLs for wiki pages, using their base36 encoded IDs. Adds a 'Short URL' link to the Toolbox. Primarily developed for use in the Indic Language Wikipedia.

Extension:DynamicSidebar[संपादित करें]

DynamicSidebar is an extension that extends the capabilities of the sidebar for logged in users. If allowed, users can add their own custom sidebars via "User:<username>/Sidebar". Administrators can add sidebars for groups, and userpage categories via "MediaWiki:Sidebar/Group:<group>", and "MediaWiki:Sidebar/Category:<category>".

Extension:Sort[संपादित करें]

The Sort extension introduces a <sort> tag to MediaWiki markup which simplifies the creation and maintenance of simple sorted lists.

Extension:WikiLove[संपादित करें]

WikiLove is an extension designed to promote the spread of within Wikipedia and possibly other wikis. Specifically, it makes adding awards, gifts, and invitations to user talk pages as simple as clicking a few buttons.

Extension:Usage Statistics[संपादित करें]

It is usually interesting to find out how you, as a user of the wiki have been performing over time. Just as interesting for wiki admins, is to find out how the wiki has been growing over time. This extension provide the capability to view this data in a graphical form. Note: currently, this extension has the limitation of being a bit slow in processing the data which may cause it to time out in cases of >100k pages.

Extension:WikiForum[संपादित करें]

WikiForum extension adds a discussion forum in the form of a new special page, Special:WikiForum. WikiForum pages for the most part are indexed by search engines (such as Google) and you can search them by using WikiForum's internal search.

Please see the WikiForum help page on ShoutWiki for more information.

Extension:Replace Text[संपादित करें]

Replace Text is an extension to MediaWiki that provides a special page to allow administrators to do a global string find-and-replace on both the text and titles of the wiki's content pages.

Extension:ReaderFeedback[संपादित करें]

Article validation allows for readers to give feedback in the form of categorical ratings.

CustomSidebar[संपादित करें]

The CustomSidebar extension provides an easy way to customize the sidebar on a per-page basis. You may define the sidebar in-page or reference another page which contains the text. The sidebar text takes the same format as Mediawiki:sidebar, and also supports Templates and Magic words.

Extension:CSS Dropdowns[संपादित करें]

To show a menubar in the Top.

Extension:Widgets[संपादित करें]

Widgets extension allows adding widgets to wiki by just creating pages in Widget namespace.

Extension:CustomSidebar[संपादित करें]

The CustomSidebar extension provides an easy way to customize the sidebar on a per-page basis. You may define the sidebar in-page or reference another page which contains the text.

Extension:WhosOnline[संपादित करें]

WhosOnline extension adds a special page - Special:WhosOnline - for viewing the list of users currently viewing a page on the wiki.

Extension:OnlineStatus[संपादित करें]

This extension adds a preference to allow each user to select his status and show it on his user (talk) page. The user can use साँचा:ONLINESTATUS or साँचा:RAWONLINESTATUS to show it.

Admin_Links[संपादित करें]

Admin Links is an extension to MediaWiki that defines a special page, "Special:AdminLinks", that holds links meant to be helpful for wiki administrators; it is meant to serve as a "control panel" for the functions an administrator would typically perform in a wiki.

Voting[संपादित करें]

So, I now request everybody to comment on this proposal below. Vibhijain (वार्ता) 14:59, 9 जुलाई 2011 (UTC)Reply[उत्तर दें]

Support[संपादित करें]

  •  Yes check.svg Vibhijain (वार्ता) 15:35, 9 जुलाई 2011 (UTC)Reply[उत्तर दें]
  •  Yes check.svg , पूर्ण समर्थन, इनके आने से हिन्दी विकि पर उपकरण सुविधा बढे़गी मुझे इनके प्रयोग में कोई दुविधा नजर नहीं आती--Mayur (talk•Email) 17:17, 9 जुलाई 2011 (UTC)Reply[उत्तर दें]
  •  Yes check.svg , समर्थन। इस तरह के उपकरण योगदानकर्ताओं का कार्य सुविधाजनक बनायेंगे।-- श्रीश e-पण्डित  वार्ता  13:35, 11 जुलाई 2011 (UTC)Reply[उत्तर दें]
  •  Yes check.svg , This would ease and simplify Media usage. Charan s05 (वार्ता) 01:08, 12 जुलाई 2011 (UTC)Reply[उत्तर दें]
  •  Yes check.svg , समर्थन. मैं चैट का प्रयोग बहुत कम करता हूँ, लेकिन इस से दूसरों को फ़ायदा हो सकता है. बाक़ी चीजें बहुत लाभदायक लगती हैं --Hunnjazal (वार्ता) 01:19, 12 जुलाई 2011 (UTC)Reply[उत्तर दें]
  •  Yes check.svg ,मै डॉ० क्रान्त एम० एल० वर्मा विकीपीडिया के इस नये विस्तार को अपना पूर्ण समर्थन देता हूँ इसके माध्यम से अनेकों उपकरण सुविधायें बढे़ंगी। मेरे विचार से इसमें किसी को कोई दुविधा होनी नहीं चाहिये--डॉ०क्रान्तएम०एल०वर्माKrantmlverma (वार्ता) 06:43, 12 जुलाई 2011 (UTC)Reply[उत्तर दें]

Oppose[संपादित करें]

Comments[संपादित करें]

Please look at the extensions already in use on other Wiki* sites before suggesting that an extension be deployed. If you want an extension to be deployed that has not already been deployed elsewhere, your community is responsible for walking it through the review process and getting any problems found fixed. Usually, the author of the extension will make any fixes needed, but this is not absolutely necessary. You may have people in your community able to make the changes and Wikimedia would be thrilled to welcome new developers.

The extensions that will need to be reviewed are:

Work is underway to improve editing, but FCKeditor has been rejected before because it wasn't scalable.
Currently set to be reviewed for deployment on all Wikis

Note that hiwiki does not stand alone. It does not have a dedicated server: it shares resources with all the other wikis and any changes made to the software running on this wiki must not have adverse affects on any other wiki. Please feel free to contact me with any questions MarkAHershberger (वार्ता) 20:44, 12 जुलाई 2011 (UTC)Reply[उत्तर दें]

Yes to WikiLove, NewUserMessage, UsageStatistics, ReaderFeedback, Admin_Links.

NO to Chat, FCKeditor, ShortUrl, WhosOnline, OnlineStatus (all are heavy on hardware requirements, in my opinion and bring much little to the board. For ShortUrl there are already other services, why waste wiki resources, similarly chat can be achieved using other media. Present editor is friendly enough and I am not much in favor of displaying my online status. Neutral about / Do not understand other extensions. -- लवी सिंघल (वार्ता) 17:00, 10 जुलाई 2011 (UTC)Reply[उत्तर दें]

FCKeditor is a good tool to attract new users, as most of them don't understand wiki-language, as of chat, its ur wish to be a part of it, and u can be even invisible. Vibhijain (वार्ता) 17:10, 10 जुलाई 2011 (UTC)Reply[उत्तर दें]
I do agree with vibhi, bcoz this facility is already there in Mediawiki software, there is nothing going to be purchased to enable that.It up to you if you want to use it or not.If you don't want your online status to be shared with other just don't enable the option in your preferences;)--Mayur (talk•Email) 13:40, 11 जुलाई 2011 (UTC)Reply[उत्तर दें]

Yes, Extension is useful for CustomSidebar, DynamicSidebar, Replace Text and Sort types. Charan s05 (वार्ता) 00:58, 12 जुलाई 2011 (UTC)Reply[उत्तर दें]