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Complex text support needs to be manually enabled.

Viewing Devanagari

  • Go to Start > Settings > Control Panel > Regional Options > General [Tab].
  • In the "Language settings for this system" frame, check the box next to "Indic".
  • Copy the appropriate files from the Windows 2000 CD when prompted.
  • If prompted, reboot your computer once the files have been installed.

If you don't have the Windows CD or don't want to juggle with CD right now, you can simply download this zip file and extract its contents to a folder. When prompted for Windows CD, simply point to this folder using 'Browse' option of the prompt window.

If the problem remains unsolved even after following the above solution then please see Unicode Fonts

Inputting Devanagari

You must follow the steps above before you perform the remaining steps.

see:Typing In Devanagari

  • Select "Input Locale" [Tab].
  • Click the "Add" button in the "Installed input locales" frame.
  • Select the desired language in the "Input Locale" drop-down box on the "Add Input Locale" dialogue box.
  • Now select the appropriate keyboard you wish to use.
  • For the people who are not able to use the above InScript Keyboard, can use the Phonetic keyboards from Baraha. Baraha Direct included in Baraha Package supports both ANSI & Unicode while BarahaIME supports only Unicode.
  • For people who cannot download the above software, or for people on the move, dboard is an Indian language sandbox which provides an online virtual (visual) keyboard, you can use the following application, copy the text on the clipboard and then copy it back to the Wikipedia editing box.