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With its improved text rendering engine, Firefox 3 can now properly display text in many languages, including Indic texts. Firefox 3 displays Indic text out-of-the-box. Be it on any operating system (except still, the Oriya, Sinhala and Tibetan scripts on Windows XP, even with the appropriate fonts, because the XP builtin version of Uniscribe has no support for these scripts, and Firefox still does not provide an alternative engine for these scripts with standard OpenType fonts; however these scripts may work on Vista's version of Uniscribe). Indic IME, a plugin for Firefox 1.0+ can help you write in many indian languages in your webpages. It is easy to install and works on all platforms where Firefox or other Mozilla-based browsers are running.

The Indic IME toolbar project was started to address the need of typing in Indian Languages in Web Forms, Emails, Blog, Search Boxes etc.

Padma, a plugin for Firefox 1.0+ converts several Indic fonts to Unicode. This helps several popular Indian vernacular websites to render correctly, without the need for any additional font installation.