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A little complex? Just follow this flowchart.

Is the subject already covered?

Wikipedia has 1,61,554 articles covering almost every subject imaginable. The subject you're thinking of may already be covered under an alternate spelling, capitalisation, or transliteration; or simply under an alternative name or expression. To avoid duplicating effort needlessly, make sure you've searched thoroughly for alternate titles. (If you find your subject is already covered under another title, your proposed page title might usefully be redirected there - see Wikipedia:Redirect or ask at the new contributors' help page).

If you haven't already done so, search below for alternate titles under which your subject might be covered already, then come back to this page.

Does the subject meet guidelines for inclusion?

Did you know?
Pages that don't meet our requirements will be deleted quickly. If you don't want that to happen to your new article, follow this wizard carefully—and write good encyclopedic content.

However, even if your proposed subject isn't covered already, 'not everything is suitable for this encyclopedia'. The Wikipedia community has established a series of guidelines, under the heading "notability", of what is and what is not suitable for Wikipedia. (This is covered in more detail at the next step of this wizard.)

Please do not submit articles that are about:

If you feel you, your organization, or your friend, band, or site are notable, please consider asking a neutral third party (ideally an uninvolved Wikipedia editor who has edited similar articles) for their opinion before proposing an article on the subject.

What is your proposed article about?

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