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विकिपीडिया:Eng-hin[संपादित करें]

This page gave the background for the pages with the English Hindi dictionary from LRTC, IIIT. However its GPL license is not compatible with Wikipedia. Hence those pages have been deleted. I vote that we delete this page too. Another reason, all the text on the page is in English :-) श्री ०३:१३, ७ Aug २००४ (UTC)

I dont care about this page, but in theory, is it wrong to use a non-lgpl dictionary as a reference in an lgpl publication? While we might not want to copy the text word to word, using a dictionary to lookup words seems harmless. Spundun १८:१५, ७ Aug २००४ (UTC)
I was the one who had initially set up the pages. A lot of it was just like a test area as no one but me was using it at that point. It was my experimentation with wiki, wikipedia, unicode devanagari and so on:-)
You might want to register and contribute by your username instead of ip address... it gives us a sense of growing community :) (though it seems that you are the oldest contributer to hi:Wikipedia). Whats your name? Spundun १९:१३, ७ Aug २००४ (UTC)
Sorry, just using a different computer where I was not logged in.श्री १९:२२, ७ Aug २००४ (UTC)
ITRANS and devanagari versions of the dictionary are available at | Sanskrit documents site. A unicode version with search facility is available at aksharamala. ISCII versions with devanagari displays are available at | IIIT's LRTC's website. So I don't really see a need for copying it here. Though it might have been a good source document to start the hindi wiktionary but Angela has replied that we can't use text with GPL license.
My technical question related to that was - is it possible to upload pages in a batch mode in wiki? Not necesarily for wikipedia but may be useful for wikisource? श्री १९:१४, ७ Aug २००४ (UTC)

dear shree i was the person who created the page in current form. i copied it from the english wikipedia. i had plans to translate it later. i was not aware about the background being from English Hindi dictionary from LRTC, IIIT and even if it is i think a dictinary can be used. in any case instead of deleteing such a important topic why not just change it. i am changing it but being busy i have not had much time. i hope you will understand siddharthmukund