वार्ता:मकरंद देशपांडे

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यह पृष्ठ मकरंद देशपांडे लेख के सुधार पर चर्चा करने के लिए वार्ता पन्ना है। यदि आप अपने संदेश पर जल्दी सबका ध्यान चाहते हैं, तो यहाँ संदेश लिखने के बाद चौपाल पर भी सूचना छोड़ दें।

लेखन संबंधी नीतियाँ

मकरंद देशपांडे अभिनेत्री नहीं अभिनेता हैं[संपादित करें]

Actor-director Makrand Deshpande, who has been in the industry for more than two decades, feels that Hindi cinema has lost its charm and has only become a money minting machine.

Makrand, 47, who recently helmed Sona Spa starring Naseeruddin Shah in the lead role, said if money continues to dominate the film industry then there will not be any scope left for good cinema.

"Now, Hindi cinema is all about 100 crore and the subject of the film is not being counted. Earlier, we used to remake Hollywood and Korean films, but these days we are adapting Southern films.

"After ten years nobody is going to remember all these films. People will not even buy DVDs of them. We are only making noise by the term that 'Indian cinema is getting global'. Only money is dominating the industry and if it continues to do so then there will be dearth of good films," Makrand said.

His last release was Sona Spa, which deals with the concept of buying sleep. The film was adapted from his own play of the same name.

"When I saw the play myself, it actually startled everybody. But I just felt as a filmamker, I can make it more effective by making it into a film. To show the concept of somebody sleeping and dreaming on your behalf, I just needed another medium to show it," said Makrand, who is also the playwright.

Makrand also points out that it was a cakewalk for him to take veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah on board because he has worked on the play before.

"It was not difficult for me to take Naseer bhai on board. People say it is very difficult to cast him. He had worked on the play also and had loved the concept. I introduced this character in the film. It was not there in the play. He believes in my film."