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Letterlike Symbols are graphemes (characters) which are constructed mainly from the glyphs of one or more letters.

In Unicode, Letterlike Symbols are placed in the block U+2100–214F, as in the following table.

Unicode Letterlike Symbols[1]
Char Image Name Unicode
U+2100.svg Account Of 2100
U+2101.svg Addressed To The Subject 2101
U+2102.svg Double-Struck Capital C 2102
U+2103.svg Degree Celsius 2103
U+2104.svg Centre line Symbol 2104
U+2105.svg Care Of 2105
U+2106.svg Cada Una 2106
U+2107.svg Euler Constant 2107
U+2108.svg Scruple 2108
U+2109.svg Degree Fahrenheit 2109
Script Small G 210a
Script Capital H 210b
Black-Letter Capital H 210c
Double-Struck Capital H 210d
Planck constant 210e
Planck Constant Over Two Pi 210f
U+2110.svg Script Capital I 2110
U+2111.svg Black-Letter Capital I 2111
U+2112.svg Script Capital L 2112
U+2113.svg Script Small L 2113
U+2114.svg L B Bar Symbol 2114
U+2115.svg Double-Struck Capital N 2115
U+2116.svg Numero sign 2116
Sound recording copyright symbol 2117
U+2118.svg Script Capital P 2118
U+2119.svg Double-Struck Capital P 2119
Double-Struck Capital Q 211a
Script Capital R 211b
Black-Letter Capital R 211c
Double-Struck Capital R 211d
Prescription Take 211e
Response 211f
U+2120.svg Service mark 2120
U+2121.svg Telephone Sign 2121
U+2122.svg Trademark Sign 2122
U+2123.svg Versicle 2123
Double-Struck Capital Z 2124
U+2125.svg Ounce Sign 2125
Ω U+2126.svg Ohm Sign 2126
U+2127.svg Inverted Ohm Sign 2127
U+2128.svg Black-Letter Capital Z 2128
U+2129.svg Turned Greek Small Letter Iota 2129
K Kelvin Sign 212a
Å Ångström Sign 212b
Script Capital B 212c
Black-Letter Capital C 212d
Estimated symbol 212e
Script Small E 212f
U+2130.svg Script Capital E 2130
U+2131.svg Script Capital F 2131
U+2132.svg Turned Capital F 2132
U+2133.svg Script Capital M 2133
U+2134.svg Script Small O 2134
U+2135.svg Alef Symbol 2135
U+2136.svg Bet Symbol 2136
U+2137.svg Gimel Symbol 2137
U+2138.svg Dalet Symbol 2138
U+2139.svg Information Source 2139
Rotated Capital Q 213a
Fax Sign 213b
Double-Struck Small Pi 213c
Double-Struck Small Gamma 213d
Double-Struck Capital Gamma 213e
Double-Struck Capital Pi 213f
U+2140.svg Double–Struck N–Ary Summation 2140
U+2141.svg Turned Sans-Serif Capital G 2141
U+2142.svg Turned Sans-Serif Capital L 2142
U+2143.svg Reversed Sans-Serif Capital L 2143
U+2144.svg Turned Sans-Serif Capital Y 2144
U+2145.svg Double-Struck Italic Capital D 2145
U+2146.svg Double-Struck Italic Small D 2146
U+2147.svg Double-Struck Italic Small E 2147
U+2148.svg Double-Struck Italic Small I 2148
U+2149.svg Double-Struck Italic Small J 2149
Property line 214a
Turned Ampersand 214b
Per Sign 214c
Aktieselskab 214d
Turned Small F 214e
Symbol for Samaritan Source 214f

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