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रदरफोर्डियम / Rutherfordium
रासायनिक तत्व
रासायनिक चिन्ह: Rf
परमाणु संख्या: 104
रासायनिक शृंखला: संक्रमण धातु

आवर्त सारणी में स्थिति
अन्य भाषाओं में नाम: Rutherfordium (अंग्रेज़ी)

रदरफोर्डियम एक रासायनिक तत्व है। इसका अर्धायु काल ~१.३ घंटे का होता है।

आइसोटोप[संपादित करें]

Isotope half-lives and discovery years
253Rf 48 μs α, SF 1994 204Pb(50Ti,n)[2]
254Rf 23 μs SF 1994 206Pb(50Ti,2n)[2]
255Rf 2.3 s ε?, α, SF 1974 207Pb(50Ti,2n)[3]
256Rf 6.4 ms α, SF 1974 208Pb(50Ti,2n)[3]
257Rf 4.7 s ε, α, SF 1969 249Cf(12C,4n)[4]
257mRf 4.1 s ε, α, SF 1969 249Cf(12C,4n)[4]
258Rf 14.7 ms α, SF 1969 249Cf(13C,4n)[4]
259Rf 3.2 s α, SF 1969 249Cf(13C,3n)[4]
259mRf 2.5 s ε 1969 249Cf(13C,3n)[4]
260Rf 21 ms α, SF 1969 248Cm(16O,4n)[5]
261Rf 78 s α, SF 1970 248Cm(18O,5n)[6]
261mRf 4 s ε, α, SF 2001 244Pu(22Ne,5n)[7]
262Rf 2.3 s α, SF 1996 244Pu(22Ne,4n)[8]
263Rf 15 min α, SF 1999 263Db([[साँचा:SubatomicParticle/link|e]],[[साँचा:SubatomicParticle/link|νe]])[9]
263mRf ? 8 s α, SF 1999 263Db([[साँचा:SubatomicParticle/link|e]],[[साँचा:SubatomicParticle/link|νe]])[9]
265Rf 1.1 min[10] SF 2010 269Sg(—,α)[11]
266Rf 23 s? SF 2007? 266Db([[साँचा:SubatomicParticle/link|e]],[[साँचा:SubatomicParticle/link|νe]])?[12][13]
267Rf 1.3 h SF 2004 271Sg(—,α)[14]
268Rf 1.4 s? SF 2004? 268Db([[साँचा:SubatomicParticle/link|e]],[[साँचा:SubatomicParticle/link|νe]])?[13][15]
270Rf 20 ms?[16] SF 2010? 270Db([[साँचा:SubatomicParticle/link|e]],[[साँचा:SubatomicParticle/link|νe]])?[17]

Rutherfordium has no stable or naturally occurring isotopes. Several radioactive isotopes have been synthesized in the laboratory, either by fusing two atoms or by observing the decay of heavier elements. Sixteen different isotopes have been reported with atomic masses from 253 to 270 (with the exceptions of 264 and 269). Most of these decay predominantly through spontaneous fission pathways.[1][18]

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