मथुरापुर गाँव, गुरारू (गया)

मुक्त ज्ञानकोश विकिपीडिया से
नेविगेशन पर जाएँ खोज पर जाएँ
—  small town  —
समय मंडल: आईएसटी (यूटीसी+५:३०)
देश  भारत
राज्य बिहार
ज़िला गया
आधिकारिक भाषा(एँ) हिन्दी, मगही, मैथिली, भोजपुरी, अंगिका, उर्दु, अंग्रेज़ी
आधिकारिक जालस्थल: gaya.bih.nic.in/

निर्देशांक: 24°49′N 85°00′E / 24.81°N 85°E / 24.81; 85

Mathurapur gaya is a village located on SH-69  which is densely populated. it comes under gaya jurisdiction,gurua vidhaansabha and aurangabad loksabha .Its district head quarter is merely 25 km away.

This village has almost all public amenities like:

schools, hospital,market,banks,post office and many more. This village is well connected to it's nearby villages by roads.

🌟Some famous stores and shops which provide quality goods under best prices:


(Largest mall or rather say fashion hub in area ...you can get every type of clothes and outfits)


(you can visit here for medicines, sanitary pads, energy drink,etc...)


(paint, electric devices, plumbing pipes,auto parts,each and every thing related to home finishing...)


(Books, stationary, gifts, chocolate, novelties, cosmetic, beauty products, sports -indoor and outdoor,baby products, dryfruit, grocery)


(cement,steel,sand,bricks, cement sheet)


(Xerox,form fillup, documents,net banking)


(grocery on mass level, wholesale)


(Table,chair, umbrella,rope, domestic product)

Main source of income of this village is

 agriculture and small businesses.

Crime rate of this village is very low because of high literacy rate and awareness among the people.

The high literacy rate of this village is due to many factors e.g... parents are more aware towards education of their children s, people are well settled but the main reason is

 HINDUSTAN PUBLIC SCHOOL established in 2002 which gives hope to people and gives quality education to Student and helps in overall development of children....later on various schools started here just for making money

Some fomous personality:

Mahendra Prasad Chaurasia (vice president at Hindustan international society, director at Hindustan public school mathurapur, politicaly active person, social worker,runs ngo)
Lal Babu(highly intellectual person);
Ranjit Singh(contractor, politically active,social worker,jila parishad pratyashi runner up); 
Arvind Agarwal(owner of Agarwal fashion bazar)
Ajit Singh(janta medical hall)
Vinay chaurasia (Hindustan medical agency)
Bhagwan saw(wholesale marketing);
arvind saw(wholesale marketing);
Radha Rani(maternity clinic owner)
Rajiv Kumar ( chaurasia hardware);
Uday chaurasia (hindustan store owner;director at HIPS sudarsan bigha); 
Dhruv Agarwal( famous grocery shop owner)
Bhakti Singh...

Famous landmarks:

🌿Punjab National Bank 
🌿Durga sthan
🌿Hindustan market
🌿Pnb csp(run by Amit kumar chaurasia)
🌿Brc mathurapur
🌿Diha more(road connecting to gaya near medical College)
🌿Durga market
🌿Dadnapur more

Famous landscape:

🪨Devi mandir
🪨Mathureshwar mahadev
🪨Bajrangbali mandir
🪨Thakurwadi dih par
🪨aam Bagicha
🪨shagwan bagicha

Here people are generally more politically active.

भूगोल[संपादित करें]

जनसांख्यिकी[संपादित करें]

== यातायात == by road(on SH-69) By air ways (as only 25 kilometres from Bodhgaya international airport) == आदर्श स्थल == madhusthan in outskirts of village Mathureshwar mahadev

शिक्षा... a village flooded with doctors,engineers,iitians, graduates and many more higher degrees.[संपादित करें]

सन्दर्भ[संपादित करें]

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