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सेवाएँ के तालिका[संपादित करें]

टेलिविज़न[संपादित करें]

Radio[संपादित करें]

See List of BBC radio stations for a full list.

  • United Kingdom
    • BBC Radio 1 (Contemporary popular music) (97-99 FM, DTT channel 700) - Website
    • BBC Radio 2 (music for a more mature audience; and comedy), originally known as the Light Programme. (88-91 FM, DTT channel 702) - Website
    • BBC Radio 3 (Classical, jazz and non-western music and study in musical topics), originally the Third Programme. (90-93 FM, DTT channel 703) - Website
    • BBC Radio 4 (Non-musical entertainment such as drama, comedy, news programmes and factual programmes), previously the Home Service, formed in 1939 from the fusion of the prewar National and Regional Programmes. Radio 4 has both FM and longwave frequencies and sometimes broadcasts different programmes on the two bands. (92-95 FM, 198 LW, DTT channel 704) - Website
    • BBC Radio Five Live (News and sports analysis and commentary), originally BBC Radio 5. (909 and 693 MW, DTT channel 705) - Website
  • United Kingdom, local (England and Channel Islands) - See the BBC Local Radio article.

Miscellaneous[संपादित करें]

Defunct stations[संपादित करें]

Radio[संपादित करें]

Television[संपादित करें]