पश्चिम जर्मनी

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जर्मन संघीय गणराज्य
Bundesrepublik Deutschland


ध्वज Coat of arms
राष्ट्रिय ध्येय
"Einigkeit und Recht und Freiheit"
"Unity and Justice and Freedom"
यूरोप में पश्चिम जर्मनी की स्थिति
राजधानी Bonnf
भाषाएँ German
शासन Federal parliamentary constitutional republic
 -  1949–1959 Theodor Heuss
 -  1959–1969 Heinrich Lübke
 -  1969–1974 Gustav Heinemann
 -  1974–1979 Walter Scheel
 -  1979–1984 Karl Carstens
 -  1984–1990 Richard von Weizsäckerb
 -  1949–1963 Konrad Adenauer
 -  1963–1966 Ludwig Erhard
 -  1966–1969 Kurt Georg Kiesinger
 -  1969–1974 Willy Brandt
 -  1974–1982 Helmut Schmidt
 -  1982–1990 Helmut Kohlc
विधायिका Bundestag
ऐतिहासिक युग Cold War
 -  Formation 23 May 1949
 -  Accession of Saar Protectorate 1 January 1957
 -  Admitted to the United Nations 18 September 1973
 -  Reunification 3 October 1990
 -  1990 2,48,577 किमी ² (95,976 वर्ग मील)
 -  1950 est. 50,958,000d 
 -  1970 est. 61,001,000 
 -  1990 est. 63,254,000 


एक्स्प्रेशन त्रुटि: अनपेक्षित उद्गार चिन्ह ","। /किमी ²  (एक्स्प्रेशन त्रुटि: अनपेक्षित उद्गार चिन्ह ","। /वर्ग मील)
मुद्रा Deutsche Marke (DM)
इंटरनेट टीएलडी .de
दूरभाष कूट +49
आज इन देशों का हिस्सा है: Flag of जर्मनी जर्मनी
a. From 1952 to 1991, the official national anthem of Germany was Deutschlandlied in its entirety, but only the third stanza was to be sung at official events.[1]
b. Continued as President of the reunified Germany until 1994.
c. Continued as Chancellor of the reunified Germany until 1998.
d. Population statistics according to Statistisches Bundesamt.[2]
e. In Saarland, between January 1957 and July 1959, the French franc and Saar franc.
f. At first, Bonn was referred to only as the provisional seat of government institutions, but from the early 1970s it was called the "federal capital" (Bundeshauptstadt).
Warning: Value not specified for "continent"

पश्चिम जर्मनी (औपचारिक रूप से जर्मन संघीय गणराज्य) शीत युद्ध के दौरान पश्चिमी ब्लॉक का एक देश था।

इन्हें भी देखें[संपादित करें]

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