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==Born in Buxer (Bihar), Arvind Akela Kallu is an Indian film actor , who, apart from acting, also enjoys singing. Before pursuing his acting career, he sing song for childhood(8-10 years old). His first music album “Gawnwa Kahiya Kariba Na”, for which he  very populour in Bhojpuri audience and noticed by hindi audience also. He first appeared on the big screen in Pawan Singh starer film “Gathbandhan Pyar Ke “ in 2010 and first as a lead actor movie is Dil Bhail Deewana in 2015 which directed and produced by Arvind Chaubey . EARLY LIFE Arvind Akela Kallu was born to Chunmun Chaubey, a cut surd, and Kiran Devi, a Sindhi, on the 26th of July, 1997 in Buxer Bihar. He lives with his parents and elder brother, Ashutosh Chaubey and brothers Avinash Chaubey and Abhishek Chaubey in home town.First school of his is Bihar Public School (BPS) in Buxer Bihar,Arvind Akela Kallu took part in plays cricket and kabbaddi, and loved performing dance and singing .He studied at Varanasi's B.N.S. school (UP).He fallows Superstar singer ,actor Pawan Singh for chaildhood.

ACTING CAREER Arvind Akela Kallu did not start his career in the industry as an actor. He, in fact, worked as a singer.His most populour music album “Jila Top Lagelu” , “Choliya Ke Huk Raja Ji”. “Dil Bhail Deewana” In his debut, he convincingly played the role of a Lover Boy. Prior to the release, trade analysts said that the movie would flop but much to their surprise it was a superhit.

Following the success of Dil Bhail Deewana, Kallu signed next project Hukumat alongside Pawan Singh and Kajal Raghwani. In his Kallu played the character of a angry as well as Lover boy. After that he singed Saiya Mangiya Saja Da Hamar , Swarg , Rabba Ishq Na Howe , Saiya Superstar , Rang etc. The best director of his Arvind Chaubey who launch in first as a lead role, and best producer is Nishikant Jha.

MUSIC BRAND & CMPANY In starting mostaly music album released from Wave Music and after that Akansha Music , Aadishakti Films..Etc. One is his personal music company which named “ Kallu Entertainment” which works on music album and content released from Kallu Official (Youtube Channel) as well as all video and audio platform . EVENT AND SHOWS He performed on stage in foreign Qtar in 2016 , Bankock in 2016 and Many times in Nepal as well as Indian Stage.His best event company is MAA AMBEY ENTERTAINMENT which organize by his uncle Guddu Pandey Ji . ==

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